Mungo & Maud

the story behind Yasmin Le Bon for Mungo & Maud

Two years after enjoying success and a creative release in the form of her YLB for Wallis line of clothing and jewellery, Yasmin partnered with London-based luxury pet retailer Mungo & Maud to design a collection of dog walking accessories.

The owner of three dogs - Chihuahua Tinka, Pug Luigi, and Boston Terrier Cecil - she says that she is a longtime fan of their Elizabeth Street shop: "Before I even had a dog I bought dog magazines and when Mungo and Maud first opened I went in and walked out with dog accessories even though I didn't even own a dog. Their stuff is so gorgeous. So that's how my collection of dog walking accessories came about." She was particularly delighted to collaborate with an independent British brand, and the opportunity to make something for her beloved dogs certainly made that opportunity even sweeter.

Purely practical reasons guided her decisions behind the design of coats, leads, and collars for dogs and a sling bag for their owners. As she explained to Country & Town House magazine: "Two mobiles got soaked and ruined in my coat pocket. You need a sturdy bag with room for everything from your phone to poo bags and doggy treats. I designed the coat with Cecil in mind as he's a bit skinny and feels the cold. It's a mixture of down, puffa, and wool, cosy as a little sleeping bag."

The Yasmin Le Bon for Mungo & Maud line became available in autumn 2011.

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