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After being the face of Winser London since its launch in 2013, Yasmin first collaborated with the British clothing brand to produce a capsule collection in autumn 2016. She felt an instant connection to founder Kim Winser, who has succeeded in creating a brand that has made a name for itself in producing luxury at affordable prices, and says she felt lucky when she invited her to work with her. "I've loved working with Kim and her team. It's a very small, intimate set up and I really believe in what she's doing."

Much as she did with Wallis 7 years before, Yasmin fully immersed herself in the design process, every piece originating with a sketch she made, and worked on developing them with the Winser London team to create special garments that she herself would want to have in her wardrobe. Combined with Winser London's reputation for luxurious and comfortable, timeless clothes with a high attention to detail and style, Yasmin's collection is very personal, reflecting her own classic yet eclectic tastes. "It gives an opportunity for me to develop their style, which I believe in and love, and to take it a little bit further and add my own personality," she said. It was important to her that her collection be comfortable and practical yet also luxurious and resilient.

Among her inspirations for this collection are the city of London itself, a place thst she has long lived in and loved, and classic cars. Several pieces reflect the mystique of early motor racing, when many women were among the racers, and the styling of old racing suits. She was very much inspired by the adventurous spirit of those liberated women from the twenties and thirties, who dared to take risks in an era of strict gender norms.

Her favorite piece? The English tweed trouser, which she is wearing in the above photo: "I just know I'm going to be wearing those pants forever. Forever. Forever. In fact, they need to order more, for me! Because I will wear them out, I will just wear them out."

Putting your name to anything is a really personal thing and you are laying bare your soul to some extent. It's actually quite a liberating experience and a challenge and it's a very good thing. I'm naturally a very shy person, so having to get over the idea of being judged and just wanting to express yourself in the hope that someone else is going to get what you're after is actually a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Her autumn/winter 2017 collection for Winser London featured more bright, notice-me colors and reflected Yasmin's own tastes for funky classics that make a statement. She remarked that the "adventurous spirit is still there this season. There is a louche toughness to these pieces – inspired by punk rock meets Savile Row – with a bit of rock ‘n' roll thrown in for good measure."

the autumn/winter 2016 campaign

the autumn/winter 2017 campaign

the reviews

autumn/winter 2016

Woman & Home: The colours available in Yasmin's collection is what gives this timeless item a modern twist. The mustard yellow and plum shades are perfect for autumn and the blush shade is bang on trend this year.

The Lucy Edit: This riot of colour literally stopped me in my tracks as I stepped into the launch. I'm always so pleased when brands use popping colours for A/W and get sick of all the black in the shops at this time of the year. These rich yellows, blues and berries from Yasmin Le Bon's Winser line are perfect for a big dose of colour therapy this autumn. The English herringbone tweed bomber is definitely worth a mention - you can just see it here peeping from the rail in camel with a cool yellow collar - a staple, cosy, yet unique coat buy.

The Yasmin printed silk trousers are also a bit of a gem. Apparently Yasmin Le Bon loves her vintage cars, and her collection for Winser is inspired by this love of retro. You can really see that in the colours used and in this print which makes me think of the nostalgic florals you'd find on sun loungers or beach hut textiles in the 1970s. The clean, off-white base makes them feel really modern and wearable. If it wasn't for my growing baby bump and lack of waistline, I'd be rocking these with a robust fisherman knit and trainers right now.

The Women's Room: It's the old-school, triangular shaped poncho that's the star here in my eyes. The moss stitch (I hope that's right, knitter-geeks) is beautiful quality and actually looks hand knitted although, of course, it's not.

Carlie Tasker: The trousers almost feel like you're wearing pyjamas as they're made from Italian silk but the fit is so flattering that I felt really confident in them. The trousers also have an elasticated waist at the back, which I think is absolutely genius. I'm going to be wearing these trousers to a summer wedding but perhaps with a silk cami or low cut blazer.

Weathersby Private Bank Magazine : Winser London has made its name as the go-to brand for wearable luxury fashion pieces for women that are both practical and stylish, and Le Bon's collection adds to their already stellar selection. The collaboration between Le Bon and Kim Winser is a no-brainer, two well-revered British fashion figures partnering to create luxury clothes that professional women actually want to wear.

Henley Life magazine: This youthful styling of the on-trend pyjama pants designed by Yasmin Le Bon underscored the versatility of the Winser London collection - easy to wear by both mother and daughter.

Country & Town House: It's Yasmin all over: classics, with an edge, and a life story.

The Telegraph : [The collection] features luxurious yet vibrant knitwear and cool tailoring.

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